Horse Ranch

Property type: Ranch


  • Driveway
  • Fireplace
  • Pond
  • Pool
  • Spiral Staircase


Country estate with horse paddocks, a barn, and agricultural buildings on 50 acres. Retro 1970s-style house features include a spiral staircase, a wood-panelled “”rec room,”” beams, large stone fireplaces, a tree-lined gravel road, and an outdoor pool.

Owner’s description:
There are some really kind of unusual areas of the house — it’s sort of a 70’s thing with a spiral staircase and it has the knotty pine in the walk out living room downstairs (since I haven’t gotten around to updating it yet; it looks like an old beer commercial!) and it has the 70’s fireplace upstairs and a big fieldstone one downstairs. Outside is a large pool with no fencing around (it has been around so long it is outside the fence by-laws. The shape of the house is pretty unusual too — it looks like a regular bungalow in front but does this weird pointy thing at the back.